Fashionable Art - Angela China

I was recently shopping around Soho when I found this painting at the corner of Prince St. and West Broadway. It is a piece by local artist ANGELA CHINA. She was selling some of her awesome art work and I couldn't resist making a purchase. We had a nice little chat about her process, background, and inspiration. Ultimately, I choose this piece from her GumShoe collection. A lot of her work bore a heavy fashion influence and I liked them all, but there was something about these shoes. I loved the idea of a pair of Louboutin like shoes slightly blemished by a piece of chewing gum. I think it's a bit of a beautiful contradiction. The piece roughly measures about 13 inches by 25 inches and has a black wooden frame. China made a print of and painted over to create a nice textured effect. It was a much needed addition to my archives as I'd like for all facets of my life to be fashionable.