Fashionable Art - Georgina Chavez

Fashionable Art - Georgina Chavez

Instagram continues to present me with many talented fashion illustrators and that's where I found GEORGINA CHAVEZ from Chihuahua, Mexico, an artist who favors an ink and digital coloring technique. Naturally, I was drawn to the detail in her work and vibrant use of color, but mostly to her unique style.

Her subjects feature signature pointy shoulders and large oblique eyes that make me imagine a fashionable race of extraterrestrials who travel the universe shopping for frocks on distant planets. This makes me wonder if the shopping is better on the other side of the galaxy...

CHAVEZ often creates artwork inspired by major fashion houses and was generous to make a custom piece for me. I sent photos from my last trip to the Republic of Kenya and asked her to interpret it in her own style. As I admired her work, I believed that Chavez would accurately capture the emotion of that day. It was a mixture of excitement and joy, a combination that made me feel strong and grounded to the Earth as I walked through the valley.

I had an 11 x 14 glossy print made and purchased a slightly distressed gray wood frame to showcase it in. My art gallery is slowly growing and I'm loving every piece.