True Blue

Since 2012, the RICHMOND MURAL PROJECT has been sponsoring talented artists from all over the world in an effort to establish Richmond, Virginia as an international destination for art. The founder, Shane Pomajambo, believes that the many murals around the city will help promote tourism and support local business. It is currently the largest grouping of murals in the U.S.

After being introduced to the project by a friend and wanting to support the arts, I headed out to explore what the city had to offer. I wore my STELLA MCCARTNEY Ridley Stretch Cady Dress from the Resort 2012 collection. When I came across the frock in store, it didn't have much hanger appeal, but the striking blue did appeal to me in a way that meant I had to try it on. The classic seam work and subtle top stitching was a winning combination. I couldn't decide if the dress seemed more azure or perhaps cerulean, but I did decide that it was coming home with me. My only alteration was a shortened hem. I paired the dress with my beige GUCCI Noah half D'orsay patent leather heels and LULU FROST jewelry. The necklace features two chains, one gold, one silver, several small diamond like studs, and an interwoven yellow ribbon.

I discovered this impressive mural by TAYLOR WHITE. Located at 100 S. Addison Street in the Carytown neighborhood, it appears to be a human body in shades of blue and purple intertwined with what I interpreted as life in the form of stranded ropes. Life being something that consistently keeps us enveloped and is inescapable. White states that her "work is an unending pursuit of the delicate harmony that exist in that sweet spot between order and chaos." This statement easily holds true for me by simply replacing her "work" for fashion. My love for the art of fashion is something that sometimes manifests as chaotic, but it never fails to provide a sense of order in my life. But, I wouldn't want it any other way...