Zero + Maria Cornejo Spring / Summer 2015

Zero + Maria Cornejo Spring / Summer 2015

On day 5 of New York Fashion Week ZERO + MARIA CORNEJO showed their Spring / Summer 2015 and I was there to see it. The show took place in an all white loft space enclosed by large windows on three sides that allowed the evening sun to flood in. I took my seat, camera in lap and waited patiently for the show to start. Then, as if on cue, the sun began to set just as the music started to play and the first model took her first step. A perfectly timed sunset and upbeat music. The show was off to a good start. 

Black and white dominated the collection with hints of faded blues, dusty pink, and a silvery grey that I found myself quite drawn to. The overall theme of the collection was light and airy, both in color and texture. The clothes felt feminine, but not girly. They were easy, yet refined. I wasn't surprised.

MARIACORNEJO is a designer that creates pieces that effortlessly marry ease with sophistication. Show notes included references of romanceoptimism, and peaceful naivety for inspiration. I thought about this a girl paraded past me in billowy crisp white frock. Yes, there was romance indeed. 

The collection featured little embellishment. There were a few small handbags and some rather spectacular laser filigree jewelry. The models sported lace like cuffs that were bold, but not overwhelming. The Spring / Summer collection included swim wear and coordinating flats. It was a complete wardrobe suited for the city or vacation. 

In the spirit of perfume making, CORNEJO scented the show space with a fragrance meant to transport the imagination. Scent is said to be the strongest sense associated with memory. How incredibly thoughtful of her. These type of details add subtle elements that enhance the observer's experience, even if they don't know it. My memories are often tied to pretty coats and dresses, so I thought this idea was perfect. As time passes, I might not remember every look from the runway, but I'll certainly always remember this beautiful show. The scent of romance and optimism washed in the evening sun.