Purple Haze

I never need much of a reason to put on a pretty dress, so when I was invited to dinner on a Monday night I happily accepted. I chose to wear my purple ZERO + MARIA CORNEJO Folio dress from Spring /Summer 2012. It's V neck and silk with a touch of stretch; it was perfect for a warm New York City night. I was initially drawn to this dress mostly for the rich color, but I also loved the subtle draping in the front. Once I had the dress on, I realized that the best thing about this dress was the way it feels against the skin.

Although this dress possesses and natural ease and flow, I chose to add a belt. I wore my black elastic band Gucci belt from Fall / Winter 2008. It features a gold medallion of the Gucci crest. The outfit was finished with a pair of Gucci patent leather booties from the Spring / Summer 2008 collection. The black shoes, named the Newton, feature a peep toe and a heel detail covered in a gold tone calf skin leather. It is a mixture of gold and silver, a color the company created called platino

I've had the opportunity to meet MARIA CORNEJO and I have to say she is lovely. When she speaks to you, her sincerity for her aesthetic comes across easily. It is extremely clear that not only does she wear the clothes she designs, she lives them. With her clothing, Cornejo has managed to strike a delicate balance between comfort and elegance. Simply put, Zero is Cornejo's personal style and she wears it well. 

Although these pictures were taken in the early hours of the morning, there was no shortage of photo taking tourists, residents on their way home, and Spider Men a plenty. 

Times Square is one of the world's most visited tourist attraction and full of an unique, almost indescribable energy. At one o' clock in the morning you can have dinner, see a Broadway show, or hang out with super heroes. If you've never been, I can assure you that New York is definitely the City That Never Sleeps.