New In - Alexander McQueen De Manta Clutch

New In - Alexander McQueen De Manta Clutch

In the Spring / Summer of 2010, Alexander McQueen introduced the DE MANTA, a large clutch that takes its name and design from the majestic Manta Ray. The collection, entitled Plato's Atlantis, was Lee Alexander McQueen's last complete collection before his untimely death. I proudly own a De Manta from that season. The story of its acquisition was a bit... problematic to say the least. It includes a too long waiting list, friends employing fake accents, and a plan based on persistence. Read about my first De Manta HERE.

Since 2010, McQueen has reinvented the De Manta every season in different colors and fabrications. The Spring / Summer 2014 collection gave me my second one. The new clutch is silk and features a white, black, and striking orange feather print. It has black leather trim and light golden hardware. The contrast of the classic black and white pattern with the added pop of color stole my heart. There was just something about that particular color of orange... Admittedly, I'm drawn to the DE MANTA for aesthetic reasons, but I have to admit the unique shape does lend itself to fit easily in the hand and in the heart.

The models of the Spring / Summer 2014 runway show all wore metal helmets with garments that were a mixture of tribal elements and celtic kilts over pants. The overall theme of the collection was colorful and bold and included lots of jewelry. I was able to secure this bag with much less drama than the first one (they transferred it in from the Las Vegas store) and was able to add an amazing piece to my collection.