From the Shoe Closet - Valentino Punkouture Rockstud Rouge

From the Shoe Closet - Valentino Punkouture Rockstud Rouge

The latest addition to my shoe closet comes from the storied Italian Maison Valentino. These are my PUNKOUTURE ROCKSTUD ROUGE pumps. My patent leather slingback Valentino shoes feature a t strap, lacquered studs, and 4 inch heel. They will pair nicely with many items I own and will be the focal point of many outfits. "Excuse me, are those Valentino Rockstuds you're wearing?"
"Why yes, they are..."
I have to admit I'm not entirely certain what drew me to these glossy CARDINAL COLORED SHOES. I've stated several times that my purchases are all led by my heart and this acquisition was no different. One thing I am certain of is that I feel extremely passionate about them. There is no doubt in my mind that the color red provokes such fervor. With these shoes I am completely in Love.
In 1939 MGM released The Wizard of Oz, a film based on a novel by L. Frank Baum. The movie told the story of a young girl named Dorothy and featured what I would suppose are the most iconic and recognizable red shoes of our time. With simply the click of her heels and the utterance of a simple phrase, Dorothy's ruby slippers were able to take her away. Hers were embellished with sequins and mine with rockstuds, but on my feet these shoes feel magical. I wonder if Dorothy's red shoes had the power to save her and take her home, where will my crimson shoes take me?