Fashionable Art - Paul Staffile

Fashionable Art - Paul Staffile

On a sunny Sunday I was shopping in Soho for a pair of much needed gold sandals. I did not find them, but I did find this spectacular piece of art on the corner of Spring St. and West Broadway. There she was. A pair of brilliant red lips slightly parted seductively with a very defined cupid's bow. I stopped because it occurred to me we seem to fancy a similar shade of rogue.
The piece, entitled Puttin on the Lips, is a one of a kind oil on canvas. The lips are a deep shade of red with streaks of golds, pinks, and a set of perfect teeth. The mixture of colors just seemed to appeal to my heart. Measuring about 2 1/2 feet by 1 1/2, she's already hanging on the wall. The artist's name is Paul Staffile. Most of his works are of women in a rainbow of colors; sometimes in the nude, but always tasteful.
I leaned in to take a closer look. Some of the paint had dried in to small peaks and I noticed she had a beauty mark. If she could talk, what would she say? Something fashionable no doubt...