Givenchy 2013 Resort

After looking over the Givenchy 2013 Resort, I couldn't help but think that Riccardo Tisci and I could be friends. I honestly feel this way. (Is that weird?) Tisci always turns out looks I LOVE and NEED in my life. That includes ALL the knee high boots that he has produced for the last three collections. 
Tisci has cited "gypsy" and "traveling, nomadic woman" as references for the collection and I thought, "Yeah, I could see that." It's the use of the paisley print and the scarf like draping that lends itself to that feel. The print paired with the blocks of black and white works in a way I could have never put together, but definitely want to wear. More importantly, I want to travel the world dressed like this. 
Highlights of the collection for me included the boots (obviously), the cape like effect on some of the looks, and the sarouel pants that Tisci does so well. I should own a pair in every color. The only thing I felt was missing from this collection was some jewelry. I want to wear all these looks with arm fulls of gold and silver bangles and big, curly hair. You know, to really touch on that gypsy vibe. I'd really want to push these looks over the top. 
Unfortunately, Riccardo and I are not friends, but I know that's only because we've not yet met. I'm certain once we do, we'll hit it off right away...