Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver

I'm ashamed to admit I don't have nearly enough jewelry in my wardrobe. I think that has mainly to do with my belief that jewelry should be a gift. Gifts from loved ones. (A sentiment I learned from Elizabeth Taylor.) I do however own a small sterling silver collection from Tiffany and Co. that I've acquired over the years. Every girl loves that very distinct little blue box. Mostly because anything inside will more than likely be well received. Almost always. I own three pieces from the "1837" and "Please Return to Tiffany" collections. I don't wear them anymore, but I keep them because they all have a memory. I also want to save these pieces for the daughter I hope to one day have. I hope she likes them...
The earrings and the necklace were gifts!!! They are from two different exes and will remain my only fond memories of them both. The ring I purchased for myself as a 21st birthday present and was, at the time, quite a large spend. It was my first major jewelry acquisition and I'm sure I was shaking a little when I paid for it. The sales associate was comforting, but probably more amused I was shelling out my hard earned money I had saved for my big day. We chatted and he let me try on almost all the pieces from the collection before I settled on the ring. All in all, I remember the experience being a bit surreal as I waltzed out of the store with my very first little blue bag!