Alexander McQueen 2012 Pre Fall

I remember where I was the day I heard that Lee Alexander McQueen had died. I was walking down 7th Avenue on my way to a pattern making class when I received a text message from a friend. The mood on campus that day was a mix of grief and disbelief. Many skipped class to head to the McQueen store, purchasing whatever they could get their hands on. Trying to acquire the last pieces there would ever be from a great artist. His death was a loss for us all.

Sarah Burton has done a fantastic job carrying on the name, a task I don't envy. I am loving the belts over the coats and capes, skinny sleeves, and high collars. That crisp white shirt has a lot of elements, but it works. It all feels very Sherlock Holmes to me, but modern. I could be wearing that cape whilst out solving mysteries with Jude Law... A McQueen coat is always a good purchase. I'm typically not a fan of lace, but here, it's lovely. Then there's that fur coat. Is that astrakhan? It's perfect. 

Gucci 2012 Pre Fall

I was reviewing the Gucci 2012 Pre Fall collection and although I was not in love with the floral print, I did find a few pieces that caught my eye. Gucci has always been a brand for fur coats and vests; fox, mink, beaver, but never faux. For this season, they gave another few pieces that will no doubt be classics for your closet. There was a pair of navy jodhpurs that I know will look good with flats, heels, or boots. A great multi purpose pant. As I own more than a couple of pairs of Gucci pants, I know these will fit great. There was a silver blazer with a peplum like feel that piqued my interest. I'd change the belt, but I think it looks great. Frida Giannini included a couple of lady like dresses that I was interested in. These days, I'm playing around with the idea of a "mature" dress with a pair of leather gloves, a boxy exotic skinned handbag, and maybe a piece of statement jewelry... It could be a look.