Giambattista Valli 2012 Spring Couture




What can I say about Giambattista Valli's Spring Couture collection other than "All of these dresses need to be hanging in my closet."? I'm slowly, but surely, becoming a serious lace fan. The mixing of it with the volume and sheerness, the knee length, it's all really working for me. I usually don't favour a high neckline, but the detailing makes it worth it. I love all the body shapes; I'm partial to a small waist and exaggerated hip. And the floor length gowns... with the head pieces and the epitome of statement necklaces, they were just surreal. The white one is my idea of a couture fairy tale wedding in some enchanted forest under a willow tree, complete with doves and water sprites sprinkling gold glitter dust... I'm getting carried away.