Carmen Marc Valvo Spring / Summer 2014

New York Fashion Week is that time of year when the fashionable head to Lincoln Center to see and be seen, myself included. On the second day of NFYW I attended the CARMEN MARC VALVO show housed in the Stage. The internet has now made it possible for everyone to see runway shows almost instantly, with many even being live streamed, but there is something to be said about being in The Tents. In The Tents, you don't only get to view the shows, but you get to take in the atmosphere. The energy if you will... Excuse me, I think you're in my seat!
According to show notes, the 2014 Spring/Summer collection was "a cultural collision of traditional tribal patterns in a monochromatic palette". There were lots of horizontal lines and geometrical shapes. Most of the looks consisted of black and white with shades of gray and just a hint of pink. While the dipped dyed bob wearing models did the walk to Bananarama's Cruel Summer, I couldn't help but wonder how nicely several pieces would fit into my existing wardrobe. The collection encompassed day and evening frocks as well as a few looks of some super sporty swimwear. I don't know how to swim, but I do like to lounge by the pool while I catch up on the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar.

After the show, I took a quick peek backstage where of all things, I happened upon a model eating a cookie. I took a snap of the runway line up and watched as VALVO graciously posed for photos and gave short interviews. I even got a close up look of some of the bead work, paillettes, and black leather. Oh yes, these pieces will do very nicely.