Antonio Berardi 2013 Resort

I was having one last peek through the 2013 Resort collections and I came across these looks from Antonio Berardi. This collection feels younger and fresher than the past few collections to me. I'm in love with the cut and structure of all the looks, but mostly it was the use of color that caught my attention. The colors pop out at you, but in a good way. Somehow the neon yellow and electric blue pairs perfectly with the burnt orange sandals. "Neon" and "electric" aren't terms that are currently used in my closet description, but I want them to be. There were so many good things in this collection. The super skinny arm blazers, above the knee skirts with curved hem lines, and silk blouses would all make great separates that could wear well on their own just as they worked well together here. The detail in the print and tops was beautiful. Bottom line, there wasn't a look I didn't love. All of these pieces would be more than welcomed into my wardrobe. I need great pieces like these... I mean I don't own any orange shoes, but I'm seriously thinking about it.