Chanel N°5 In A New Light

Chanel N°5 In A New Light

Chanel recently held an amazingly fragrant art exhibit in New York City to celebrate the new EAU PREMIÉRE, a modernized version of the classic N°5. Originally created in 1921Chanel N°5 has long been an iconic scent with an instantly recognizable bottle. Housed in a corner space in the Meatpacking District, the exhibition was broken down into five distinctive parts:

CreationCultivationCompositionAbstraction, and Revelation. Upon entry, you are greeted with a whispered recording of Coco Chanel. She strongly believed in the scent and in the number five. As fragrance wafted through the air, you were invited to explore with interactive screens covered in digital flower petals and hanging abstract art. 

The tour ended with one long table covered with paper and multiple rubber stamps. We all took our seats enthusiastically to decorate white postcards illustrated with the classic perfume bottle. This was my very favorite part and I could barely contain myself. As I entertained my inner artist, I happily stamped four postcards of which I intend to frame and create my own piece of fashionable art. 

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, some will be shocked to learn that I don't actually wear perfume myself. I have what I would call a sensitive nose and for me, most perfumes are heavy and distracting. I find that throughout the day we encounter so many scents and smells that it all becomes a potpourri of... confusion. Although I don't indulge in the use of fragrance myself, I'm not opposed to it and I found the N°5 quite pleasant. 

Smell is said to be the sense with the strongest link to memories. The nose is apart if the limbic system, an area closely associated with memory in the brain. The reaction is almost instantaneous. When you first smell something new, your brain will associate it with a person, place, or thing and forge a lasting connection. Perhaps Chanel knew this and in creating this perfume endeavored to cement the luxury and liberated spirit of her brand into every woman's mind.