The Importance of Being Well Heeled

The Importance of Being Well Heeled

I was recently having dinner with a friend when the topic of conversation quickly veered towards shoes. (This often happens.) Particularly, our shoe buying habits. I will be the first to admit that I shamelessly invest substantial amounts of money into my shoe collection which consists mostly of the high heeled variety. I strongly believe that a better quality of shoe will provide a better fit and better support for your feet. After all, the foot contains more bones than any other single part of the body making them vital to your daily mobility. In my opinion, a poorly constructed stiletto is a sure way to a painful situation. So, when it comes to acquiring new footwear, I practice a quality over quantity philosophy. Consider how necessary our feet are to our everyday existence. It only makes sense that one would take care to keep their feet and shoes in their best condition. If your feet are unwell, how far do you think you will go? Chances are you're not going to leave your house barefoot. 

With the amount of funds allocated to footwear it would be outrageously irresponsible of me not to take care of them. So, I choose to protect my investments. For this, I frequent the Leather Spa. They have a couple of locations around NYC, but I patronize the store based beneath the Plaza Hotel. It happens to be convenient for me and, honestly, I like to have lunch there. I have the soles covered in rubber to protect them and ensure their longevity. I find this is the best way to preserve my shoes. The rubber also provides added stability when traversing about town which is especially helpful when I have a penchant for heels 4 inches and above. I treat most pairs with a water and stain repellent, store them in a ventilated space, and I always pack them in dust covers when I travel. I can assure you that the cost of preventive care is much less than a new pair of shoes.

I will always favor a stiletto over a flat shoe. So just as I take care of my shoes, I must take care of my feet. It's no secret that wearing high heels puts pressure on your feet and legs, but this is something I'm willing to deal with in exchange for the more appealing side effects. Don't let a good outfit be ruined by a terrible shoe. I know there are several women who agree with me. Regular pedicures promote healthy circulation in the body and shiny, colorful toenails. It simply is a win win situation. 

The practice of wearing shoes clearly grew out of a necessity and are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. Whilst they provide both an aesthetic and functional purpose, we must also consider the emotional factor of a great shoe. It's okay to invest in your footwear. Shoes are important because they can help you get where you need to go. They help convey the message you want to project. When I put on a pair of amazing high heels I feel a sense of elevated confidence. My posture changes, my stride adjusts and I walk with purpose. Whatever heel height you choose, I implore you to hold your head high and walk with certainty.

Step boldly into the New Year and stay well heeled because a good pair of shoes will take you good places.