Blue Print

In my quest to live a life filled with more purpose, I recently travelled to the great East African nation of the Republic of Kenya. I was in the country to visit, learn, and explore what the land had to offer. Two hours outside of Nairobi, I found myself at the Crescent Island Game Park; a sanctuary for wild animals in the heart of the Great Rift Valley located on the great Lake Naivasha.

For my walk amongst the flora and fauna, I wore my SALONI Apsara abstract print dress featuring a vibrant blue print. It felt appropriate for the occasion and I dare say it went well with my natural surroundings. I remember the day I first saw this dress. As I perused the store selections, this piece did catch my attention, but I wasn't quite sure about the ruched skirt and the draped bodice. I continued on, only to see the frock again. A light gray faceless mannequin near the staircase was sporting the dress from Saloni's Spring / Summer 2014 collection. I walked around her slowly to examine the below the knee skirt and back keyhole opening. It was clear to me that the hanger wasn't doing this dress any justice. I quickly made a U-turn and collected my size from the selling rack. I almost walked out of the store without this dress, but providence brought us together. After some research I learned that according to Buddhist mythology, an Apsara is "a female spirit of the clouds and waters." With its ethereal blue print, it was easy to see why this name was chosen for the dress. All at once, this dress willingly lends itself to both the sea and sky. It is also said that SALONI means beautiful in sanskrit.

I paired this dress with my YSL Hortense wedges and as comfortable as the shoes are, I have to admit it was much easier to traverse the landscape barefoot. The shoes are from YSL's 2010 Pre Fall collection and takes its name from Latin meaning gardener. Local residents of the island included a rather friendly giraffe, striped zebras, water dwelling hippos, and a skittish herd of large horned grazing gazelles. Most were willing to pose for a pretty picture or two, some were not. As I walked the park taking in the countryside, I couldn't help but feel that the sky seemed bluer, the grass greener, and the air clearer. It was there, 40 miles from the equator and in the shadow of a volcano, I forged a fashionable bond with nature. I couldn't have been happier...