Fashionable Art - Jerron Couture

Fashion has existed every since man began to adorn themselves with bits of bone and animal skins. The need to design clothing and visually convey an idea was a natural evolution. A simple sketch can be the beginning of a little black dress or a beautiful couture collection; it expresses their point of view. I believe this is how Fashion Illustration was born. This particular art form was very popular until the 1930's when photographs became the norm. 
I recently commissioned a custom piece of art by JERRON COUTURE, a talented Fashion illustrator I came across on Instagram. I was impressed with her artistic style as well as her Fashion design. Her work features chic, modern looks imagined in colorful animations. This personalized piece will be a wonderful addition to my quest to build and maintain an archive that includes Fashionable art. After all, Fashion is my art and I am merely its patron.