Carine Roitfeld is Mademoiselle C

I was recently invited to attend a screening for this year's best Fashion documentary CARINE ROITFELD IS MADEMOISELLE C. The film, by Fabien Constant, follows Roitfeld as she embarked on a new career as creator of CR FASHION BOOK and the challenges she faced with starting a new magazine. Surrounded by friends and family, Roitfeld creates the most beautiful stories and dreams all while arguably becoming the chicest grandmother around. After only a few minutes of viewing, you will see that Roitfeld has a great sense of humor and a super cute son. As per requisite, a host of Fashion's major players make cameos and all lend their personal insight about Roitfeld. Bottom line, she is the stylist and editor we all want to be. 
Afterwards, I was so very privileged to have been invited to a round table discussion with filmmaker Constant and the IRREVERENT CARINE ROITFELD. A small group of us waited impatiently as Roitfeld came in with trademark black eyeliner and her I just wake up like this hair. Constant sported a gray t shirt with the word Parisien emblazoned across the front and a serious mustache that reminded me of Freddie Mercury. She told us that she always has her family around and that having friends in Fashion is possible. Roitfeld is tired of the cliche about Fashion being pretentious and declared the filming therapeutic. Constant stated he wanted to tell a story about Carine, a story about the work that is behind the picture. 
Everyone had questions for Roitfeld about the film and about the upcoming issue of CR FASHION BOOK, however there was only one query I could think of. "Who are you wearing?" The answer: a Celine white summer top and a knee length denim skirt from Mui Mui. She told me it was her summer uniform. Roitfeld is known for the exotic work she did with Tom Ford and you will see her push the envelope even further with CR FASHION BOOK. After all, a leopard can't change its spots. Expect some nudity.