From the Fashion Library - Deluxe How Luxury Lost Its Luster

After reading Elizabeth L. Cline's OVERDRESSED THE SHOCKINGLY HIGH COST OF CHEAP FASHION I couldn't help but find myself wondering about the other side of the industry, about the luxury market. Enter DELUXE HOW LUXURY LOST ITS LUSTER by Dana Thomas. This book essentially picks up where OVERDRESSED left off.
Being a purveyor of luxury goods, I am always very interested to know more about the origins of my items and I enjoy learning and exploring the history behind the brand. Knowing the story behind the dress or handbag only adds to the fantasy... and to the luxury. Sadly, fashion these days has become more about commerce and less about art. This had led companies to offer us a watered down version of luxury in a bid to boost profits. Unfortunately, there is a gross difference between what luxury was and what it is today. DELUXE exposes this truth. Themes include how licensing and greed played a major role in luxury's downfall.
I enjoyed this book so much because it really makes you think about fashion and its deep history that is both glamourous and ugly. Thomas' text only reinforces the idea that one must become an educated consumer. While it is unlikely that we will always know every step of the path that our purchases have made, we should make an effort to learn more about it. DELUXE is well written and full of secrets. It is a great addition to any fashion library and arguably sports the most clever book cover I've ever seen.