New In - Fendi 2Jours

I am so happy to introduce the newest member of my handbag collection, my FENDI 2JOURS tote. A much needed and welcomed addition to the family. I had been searching for a bag that I could use everyday and that would be useful throughout all seasons. I found this in the 2Jours.
THE 2JOURS was originally released in July 2012 and has since been re imagined in multiple fabrics and colors. I opted for a classic black calf leather that features a striped silk logo lining, inside zippered pocket, and black and gold lacquered detailing. The name 2Jours is a play on the french word toujours, which means always. The handbag also came with a hanging ID tag with the option to add your initials. I was given a choice of gold lettering or embossing. I choose the embossing as I felt it was the classier option. I believe that customization makes the piece more special. The embossing makes it personal and adds another element to its story.
The bag is available in a slightly smaller size that features a detachable shoulder strap, but for the sizable investment, I decided to go big. It is quite large and when filled very heavy, but I love it. I just don't think a smaller bag would do.