New In - Dolce & Gabbana Fall / Winter 2012

So I was slightly (read totally) obsessed with DOLCE & GABBANA Fall / Winter 2012 collection. Mostly because I have a dream of one day being a Sicilian princess who wears lace everyday, owns too many sexy pencil skirts, and dons a pearl tiara just to run mundane errands. I was so excited to snag a few pieces from the season. The first piece is a black stretch lace top with pearl buttons along the center back. It was the shirt featured under the coat from look 52. The bottom hem is scalloped so it's perfect for wearing with pants, but it will also pair well tucked into a skirt. The pearl buttons add the element of decadence that D&G is known for. I also picked up a pair of riding pants. They have zippered pockets in the front and back as well as zippers by the ankles, but trust me it's not too much. All the zippers work well and most importantly, with the perfect amount of stretch, they fit phenomenally. I will definitely be investing in more DOLCE & GABBANA pants in the future. Many more.

My third acquisition from the collection is a black high waisted pencil skirt with embroidered lace panels on the side. I love pencil skirts. I love high waisted ones even more. The addition of lace makes this particular skirt quite perfect. The detail on the skirt is exquisite; it is what makes the piece special and not just another black skirt. I own at least three pairs of shoes that will look good with it. It was featured in look 23 with an even lacier white top. I will probably pair it with something maybe less lace-y, but I do want to wear it with a top that will maintain the original feel. I'm thinking a silk blouse...