From the Fashion Library - Fashion Victim

Fashion makes fools of some, sinners of others, and slaves of us all. 

                                                            - Josh Billings, Nineteenth Century Humorist 

I was hanging around Union Square one evening browsing my favorite book store Strand, when FASHION VICTIM BY MICHELLE LEE caught my eye. They have a very decent Fashion selection and I often come across a great find. I am by all accounts a victim, and this book helps to understand why. Lee's book makes you think about your own personal relationship with Fashion and the psychological effects it has on us. How much are we really influenced by magazines and celebrities?

The author explores so many great ideas and theories about Fashion. Released in 2003, a lot of the theories she puts forth ring even more true with the invention of things like social media. Now, everyone can take a picture of anyone, anywhere wearing anything and post it instantly. This is a phenomenon she refers to as speed chic. Lee writes about how certain outfits or pieces of clothing can be tied to a memory. This is certainly true for me. For all of our Love of Fashion, there is also a dark side. Think sweatshops (they do exist), purchasing used clothing (fan of vintage?), eco- terrorism, and the perils of dry cleaning. The book is thoughtful and extremely well researched. FASHION VICTIM is a great addition for anyone who loves Fashion, but really for it's a book for everyone. After reading it, you will understand that Fashion is inescapable and we are all to some degree its victim.
One story in particular that intrigued me is of Isadora Duncan, a famous American modern dancer with a fondness for long, flowing scarves. One night in France during a convertible ride, the extremely long scarf she was wearing was caught in the rear wheel spokes of the car. Her neck was broken and jugular vein severed, killing her instantly. Although I am certain that my Love of Frock will be the death of me, I do hope it's not like that!!!

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