Gucci Belts

The quest to catalogue my wardrobe continues as I sort through my accessories. I was a bit shocked when I realized I only own two belts! Both Gucci and both black. I need to start thinking and researching some around the waist options. The belt with the gold buckle from Fall / Winter 2007 is useful because it's stretchy and works with lots of dresses. I've even worn it with a couple of one piece numbers. I have at least three pairs of shoes that coordinate nicely with it as well. It was money well spent. 

The second belt is actually two pieces; one piece patent leather, the other suede. They interweave and connect in four different places. This isn't a belt of convenience and does require a bit of maneuvering. It was originally shown in the 2008 Resort collection over a short jacket. I purchased it separately and have to admit, I haven't worn this belt much. But, I like the idea of it, so I'll keep it. I'm going to make an effort to try to incorporate it more. I'm thinking I'm going to need something gold and definitely something wide. I don't know how many belts I should own, but I know I don't have enough.