Gucci Indy Hobo

No matter how you look at it, handbags are an important piece of our wardrobes. This is a fact I am constantly trying to stress to my husband. For the record, there is no such thing as "too many handbags". That absurd idea just doesn't exist. I am always trying to collect more. One of my favorite pieces is my GUCCI LARGE INDY HOBO. I will admit, this one was a bit of an investment, but the leather tassels and metal plates sold me. I opted for the dark brown in their famous Guccissima leather because I wanted to invest in a bag that was classic and iconic. 
I love THIS BAG; it gets compliments wherever I go. There is only one small downfall to this bag... it is heavy. With the leather covered bamboo handle, metal plates, and removable strap the bag can feel like it weighs a ton after a long day of shopping. The bag is heavy even before I add my iphone, make up pouch, wallet, sunglasses, and a host of other things I can't leave the house without. Sometimes I do come home with a sore shoulder, but then I think of all the adulation it's received during the day and suddenly I fell all better.