Bill Cunningham New York

I have a new film to add to the Fashion Library! I purchased the BILL CUNNINGHAM NEW YORK DVD from Amazon last week. (This time my package was delivered at a reasonable hour.) The film is set to be released this month here in the UK, but I couldn't wait to see it and I just knew it was going to be great. If you have any interest in Fashion, or even if you don't, you need to see this documentary. 
BILL CUNNINGHAM is an octogenarian photographer who has been capturing street fashion for the New York Times Style section since 1978. He often photographs celebrities, socialites, and the everyday stylish person. From film makers Richard Press and Philip Gefter, this documentary follows his work, unconventional lifestyle, and interviews featuring the likes of Anna Wintour

It's so heartwarming to watch the octogenarian ride around New York City shooting street style Fashion from his bicycle. At first, for me there was a sense of melancholy when you learn that he lives alone in a tiny studio surrounded by his life's work. However, Bill's cheerfulness and overall playfulness about his life and career cancels any somber feelings. He's funny and sweet, but most of all he is dedicated to his craft. His passion comes across the screen so clearly that you believe him when he says his only interest are the clothes. You can not watch this movie and not fall in love with Bill. That would be impossible. By the end of the film, I found myself wishing he was my fashionable grandfather and would snap me whenever I came to visit him. Or perhaps take me along to Paris for Fashion week... I would happily carry extra rolls of film for him.