Fendi Fall / Winter 2012




Who does fur better than Fendi? What I love most is that Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi keep the collection dripped in excessive indulgence. I mean it's pure luxury. (Did I mention the show's invitation was made of stingray skin?) Almost every look of their 2012 Fall/Winter collection featured fur. The show was full of texture with a little tribal thrown in at the end. There were exotic skins, corduroy, and I don't know what the belts are made of, but I want one. The models seemed to have a futuristic feel about them... I think it was the yellow tinted shades and the white eyeshadow. Two summers ago I took a shopping trip to Rome. I visited the Fendi Palazzo and spent the entire afternoon rolling around in the upstairs fur room. A sales associate came around to see if I needed any help. I think the look on my face said enough and she left me alone to entertain myself. True story.