Happy New Year and Welcome to my blog. I've decided to start 2012 by chronicling my obsession with Fashion, my true Love. You see, I care about the construction, fabric, and design because I respect the process. My appreciation and passion comes from many Red Bull fueled nights spent in labs at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I know how much work, effort, sweat, tears, and thought goes into creating a garment. Shopping is my favorite thing to do. When I enter a boutique, I get to examine how the items are made and feel how the fabric fits on the body. I take pleasure in chatting with the staff, learning the inspiration behind the work. I am interested in how clothes can create different shapes and change moods. Your personal style can say a great deal about who you are. Every piece I acquire has a story. I remember where it was purchased, how much it set me back, and almost always where I've worn it to. They are more than coats and dresses for me. They are my memories.

I am a serious collector who is building an archive. An assemblage of clothes, accessories, books, films,  jewelry, and shoes. Fashion is my art and I am merely its patron. My motto is, and will always be, quality over quantity. I would rather have one nice dress than 10 cheap, poorly made ones. During this global recession it is imperative to spend our money wisely. We must buy smart and invest in quality pieces. From my new home in London, I'll be posting about everything Fashion that I love. Expect reviews, suggestions, and my personal opinions.

This is my life, one frock at a time.