Thursday, January 23, 2014

From the Shoe Closet - Dolce & Gabbana Studded Brogues

It should come as no surprise that my footwear purchases tend to lead towards the high heel variety. I just can't help myself; I will always favor a heel over a flat. I rarely pick a shoe for comfort. However, I've come to understand that a super high heel isn't always... practical. My latest shoe investment comes in the form of these DOLCE & GABBANA STUDDED BROGUES from Fall / Winter 2013. The brogue is a style typically found amongst mens shoes and takes it name from the decorative perforations called "broguing". I was surprised to be attracted to such a masculine design, but before I knew it I was trying them on. As I tied the laces and looked down, the golden studs seemed like well placed jewelry on my feet. That made me smile. How could I not take them home?



  1. I'm thinking of buying these but I'm wondering about the fit. Would you recommend getting your normal size or sizing down since these shoes will likely only be worn without socks?

    1. Hi La Toia! Thanks for stopping by my little blog. These shoes run pretty true to size. I would recommend getting your regular size. They will give a little with wear, but I think it's nice just in case you want to wear socks.

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  3. Thanks so much for the advice Danielle. I always like checking out fashion blogs where the curator looks like me!