Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fashionable Art

Instagram has once again proven to be an amazing forum to discover fashionable artist with exceptional talent. I am dedicated to collecting as much as I can. My first commissioned piece of the year comes from German born artist KRISTINA CHAMOUN. Originally from Augsburg, Chamoun studied fashion design in Lebanon and is now sharing her love of illustration one post at a time. 

I love customization because I believe it adds to the story and helps preserve the history. This sketch in my likeness will reflect a place in time and fashion. As a reference, I sent Chamoun pictures from a previous blog post featuring this snake print STELLA MCCARTNEY frock. I find it fascinating how colorful ink and blank paper can become art. Where illustration was once the primary outlet to communicate and share ideas, photography and film have taken over as the norm in the modern world. In this sense, fashion illustration has evolved from a necessity to a most respected art form in itself. 


Monday, March 02, 2015

Gucci 1973 Small Shoulder Bag

I always shop with the goal of creating a well rounded wardrobe and that sentiment extends to my handbag collection. Last summer, I realized that there was something missing. My collection was lacking a small handbag that could be worn cross body or over the shoulder allowing me to be hands free. Something that would be perfect for walking around New York City or for traveling. It did not take me long to find this very cute GUCCI 1973 Small Shoulder Bag.

GUCCI originally launched the 1973 collection with the Fall / Winter 2010 season. The very distinct double G logo was lifted from a handbag found in the company's archive dated from 1973. The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche hypothesized that with infinite time and a finite number of events, events will occur again and again infinitely. He referred to this as "eternal recurrence". We see this illustrated season after season when designers reference the work of their predecessors. The use of this vintage motif is a great example of how sometimes old can become modern and new.

Even though this bag was offered in several colors and fabrications, I opted for a classic pairing of black and gold. My 1973 features antique brass hardware, beige suede lining, and a textured leather called Cellarius. Measuring about 7 inches wide, it's just big enough to carry what you really need. The handbag is small, but certainly serves a purpose in my journey to build a collection that is both fashionable and functional.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Zero + Maria Cornejo Fall / Winter 2015

Day 5 of New York Fashion Week.  ZERO + MARIA CORNEJO hosted their 2015 Fall / Winter runway show. As with previous seasons, Cornejo chose to show in a stark white space on the West Side. The loft is almost completely bare, devoid of color and decoration, save for grid style windows. In my opinion, it's an excellent choice to allow the clothes to be able to stand out and speak for themselves. From what I saw, they had much to say. 

Show notes cite creative inspiration from the women who wear Cornejo's clothes resulting in a collection of contrasting textures and lean silhouettes. Major themes included horizontal stripes, an unmissable crimson hue, and a faux mohawk referenced in the hair, on the front of garments, and the backs of shoes. What I love most about her clothes is the ease in their elegance. An ease that is so hard to come by, but Cornejo has successfully done it again. With the inclusion of a single solid bold color and a graphic black and white print, the collection as a whole felt very much like classic MARIA CORNEJO, but no less new. Her work manages to remain consistent, but evolving. 

It was an exceptionally cold night even for New York in February. It was the kind of cold that gets deep down in your bones and leaves you feeling slightly weak. But, as I sat on a bench, watching the girls turn the corner one after another with exaggerated eyebrows and draped in shearlings, that cold... well, it all went away. This troupe of swiftly moving models made the duration of the show all too fleeting and immediately after the last girl turned the corner, I was longing for more. For more winter white, for more fur, for more of what CORNEJO has in store.