Friday, April 18, 2014

Fashionable Art

On a sunny Sunday I was shopping in Soho for a pair of much needed gold sandals. I did not find them, but I did find this spectacular piece of art on the corner of Spring St. and West Broadway. There she was. A pair of brilliant red lips slightly parted seductively with a very defined cupid's bow. I stopped because it occurred to me we seem to fancy a similar shade of rogue.

The piece, entitled Puttin on the Lips, is a one of a kind oil on canvas. The lips are a deep shade of red with streaks of golds, pinks, and a set of perfect teeth. The mixture of colors just seemed to appeal to my heart. She's already hanging on the wall. The artist's name is Paul Staffile. Most of his works are of women in a rainbow of colors; sometimes in the nude, but always tasteful.

I leaned in to take a closer look. I noticed she had a beauty mark. If she could talk, what would she say? Something fashionable no doubt...


Monday, April 07, 2014

From the Shoe Closet - Valentino Punkouture Rockstud Rouge

The latest addition to my shoe closet comes from the storied Italian Maison Valentino. These are my Punkouture Rockstud Rouge pumps. My patent leather slingback Valentino shoes feature a t strap, lacquered studs, and 4 inch heel. They will pair nicely with many items I own and will be the focal point of many outfits. "Excuse me, are those Valentino Rockstuds you're wearing?"
"Why yes, they are..."

I have to admit I'm not entirely certain what drew me to these glossy cardinal colored shoes. I've stated several times that my purchases are all led by my heart and this acquisition was no different. One thing I am certain of is that I feel extremely passionate about them. There is no doubt in my mind that the color red provokes such fervor. With these shoes I am completely in Love.

In 1939 MGM released The Wizard of Oz, a film based on a novel by L. Frank Baum. The movie told the story of a young girl named Dorothy and featured what I would suppose are the most iconic and recognizable red shoes of our time. With simply the click of her heels and the utterance of a simple phrase, Dorothy's ruby slippers were able to take her away. Hers were embellished with sequins and mine with rockstuds, but on my feet these shoes feel magical. I wonder if Dorothy's red shoes had the power to save her and take her home, where will my crimson shoes take me?


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Color Purple

Spring is desperately trying to make a break in the cold weather here in New York City. Today's warmer temperatures that featured sunny and partly cloudy skies seemed as good a reason as any to go for a nice walk. It was also proved a good reason to wear my purple collared Stella McCartney Lella dress. So, I headed to the Brooklyn Bridge. 

This particular frock is from McCartney's 2013 Fall / Winter collection. It was a show that was dominated by black and banker's pinstripes, but a few of the looks towards the end featured this very vibrant purple hue. A color long favored by emperors and kings. I wore my metallic color denim YSL Tribtoo pumps. They were not the best option for traversing the gapped planks of the walkway, but I thought they'd be cute... and I was right!

As my growing wardrobe consists mostly of white, black, and grays I'm always happily surprised when I acquire a piece of a brighter persuasion. As you know, my purchases are governed by my heart and I truly believe it inherently knows what I need. This dress was meant to come home with me. I brought the balloons because, well... who doesn't love balloons? 


Monday, March 03, 2014

From the Fashion Library - Women from the Ankle Down The Story of Shoes and How They Define Us

Shoes much like clothes have long been a necessity and as a result, the two seamlessly go hand in hand. Rarely will you find someone wearing one without the other. So naturally, my Love of Frock extends to the issue of footwear. After all, everyone knows that the right outfit can easily be ruined by the wrong pair of shoes. Women from the Ankle Down The Story of Shoes and How They Define Us, written by Rachelle Bergstein, annotates a historical and cultural view of the modern shoe and its relationship with women. The paperback is colorfully illustrated with stories of Hollywood cinema, comic book super heroines, and a host of famous cobblers.

Bergstein writes that throughout the years, several styles have gone in and out of vogue with changes attributed to several different factors. Shoes alone can have the power to represent a women's economic state, sex appeal or social status. For example, the practice of Chinese foot binding "was a mark of distinction for women of a certain class." Unpractical shoes that offered limited mobility meant you were not confined to manual labor and were of a certain means. Despite Women from the Ankle Down focusing mostly on women, the fascination with shoes is not exclusive to the female sex. Male rock stars have long been known to sport a platform and men of Louis XIV's court often wore high heels painted red to denote their prominence.

It makes no sense to invest in quality clothing, but not quality shoes. We spend a considerable amount of time using our feet to move from place to place, so it is only logical to take great care of your feet as well as your footwear. Undoubtedly, this paperback will come to mind the next time I am justifying which new pair of shoes will come home with me.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Elie Tahari Fall / Winter 2014

On day sixth day of New York Fashion Week, Elie Tahari held it's Fall / Winter 2014 collection presentation at their Fifth Avenue Flagship store. The show featured a collection of highly wearable clothes that took its inspiration from the urban storm. Overall, the looks were knit heavy in a palette of grays, dark blue and black with a hint of maroon thrown in for good measure. The oversized coats, cozy and stylish, definitely left me wanting to wear one home to combat the bleak winter.

When you entered the store, a white platform displayed a line of models against a single wall. A rendition of Lorde's Royals played through the speakers and a bar at the back served custom drinks. Taharitini anyone? I moved through the crowd to get a closer glimpse and while I deeply cherish a traditional runway show, I did very much fancy the standing presentation. It it much more intimate to be able to view the clothes up close and personal for an hour as opposed to them floating by in a hurry.

The overall storm theme of the show was never more evident than in the store's interior design. Hence the hundreds of clear plastic umbrellas covering the walls and ceilings up lit with blue and violet lighting. Periodically, the lights would flash synchronized to the music to indicate a glamourous lighting storm. I thought, how spectacularly chic would it be to be caught in a city downpour dressed head to toe in Tahari...


Friday, January 31, 2014

New In - Céline Pouch Clutch

As life would have it, I seem to be always shopping. Sometimes my heart finds things I didn't even know I wanted. This was the case with my new color blocked Céline leather pouch. The French Fashion house has been offering similar pouches for a couple of years, usually in a variety of colors and fabrications. This distinct lambskin pouch is from the Spring / Summer 2013 collection and is orange and vermillion hue with gold hardware. This particular color combination appealed to me because it is reminiscent of the rinds of the sweet blood oranges I used to eat as a child living in the Mediterranean. I really like that it's a huge pop of color, but in a very small dose. Initially I planned to use it to carry small essentials when I don't need to carry a large bag and was delighted to find it even fits my iPad mini. I think it's going to turn out to be a nice little investment.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

From the Shoe Closet - Dolce & Gabbana Studded Brogues

It should come as no surprise that my footwear purchases tend to lead towards the high heel variety. I just can't help myself; I will always favor a heel over a flat. I rarely pick a shoe for comfort. However, I've come to understand that a super high heel isn't always... practical. My latest shoe investment comes in the form of these Dolce & Gabbana Studded Brogues from Fall / Winter 2013. The brogue is a style typically found amongst mens shoes and takes it name from the decorative perforations called "broguing". I was surprised to be attracted to such a masculine design, but before I knew it I was trying them on. As I tied the laces and looked down, the golden studs seemed like well placed jewelry on my feet. That made me smile. How could I not take them home?