Birds of a Feather Frock Together
This lovely frock is my MCQ ALEXANDER MCQUEEN jersey knit dress. The back of the dress is black while the front features a floral pattern with hummingbirds in flight. It's like two frocks for the price of one! It was a piece from their 2012 Fall/Winter collection that I paired with my berry colored YSL BELLE DU JOUR clutch. I'd had my eye on the dress for a while, when I was finally able to snag one in my size on their website. Interesting fact about the hummingbird, their wings beat about 80 times per second. This is what creates the humming sound that gives them their name. Admittedly I didn't hear any humming noises when I first saw the dress, but it did speak to me. I'm not usually drawn to prints, but this dress in particular had something special. A fitted feminine silhouette with a touch of whimsy.

I wore this dress with my WALTER STEIGER black leather ankle boots. They have an elastic gore and feature the signature Steiger curved heel. I needed to add an ankle boot to my shoe collection and this pair was an excellent choice. At 5" inches they are surprisingly comfortable and will pair well with skinny pants, dresses, skirts... pretty much anything. A multi purpose ankle boot is always a great investment. It's hard to believe I didn't own a pair before.